Bowl Scale 5Kg Max /1.0g Min


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High precision strain gauge sensor
Stainless platform
Tare function
Low battery&overload indicator
Easy to carry and store

Compact and Convenient
It has a clear display, high precision strain gauge sensors, and a conveniently included plastic bowl with a diameter of 6.7 inches. Place it in your kitchen to measure ingredients for a recipe or just portions of your food to help you diet!

Multipurpose and Accurate
Able to measure units in grams (g), ounces (oz), and etc; this scale can provide for you accurate, consistent, and trustworthy readouts of your food and postal items!

Engineered with Quality
Durable and able to hold a maximum capacity of 11lbs/5kgs; measure your items with graduations of 1g, 0.01oz, and etc.

Power Saving Design
Uses intelligent technology to indicate when the scale’s battery power is too low and when the item being measured is too heavy. This scale will automatically switch off when it is not in use – in order to save power from its batteries.

1:Do not operate beside the computer or someplace with high radiation,do not have wind.
2:Remember to take off the battery when you do not use it for a long time,do not store in humid environment
3:Need to be cleaned when the scale body have stains,wiping with dry towel is okay.
4:Pay attention to the waterproof
Thanks a lot for your support and understand

Package includes:
1XDigital Scale
1XEnglish User Manual


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