Polaris / Spinel Card / Double Card For Gems


Gemstone Polaris /Spinel Card Identify Single Refractive Double Refractive In Gem Stone.
Feature :

Identify Single Refractive Or Double Refractive In Gemstone 

Help To Identify Taaffeite also
Type : Ceylon Hand Made (Specially For Identify Taaffeite Gemstones and many)
Operating Information :
Very Easy 
Step  1. Keep The Card Near Sunlight Or Torch Light
Step  2. Keep The Gemstone Middle Of The Card (Between Both Polaris Card) 
Step  3. Rotate The Gemstone To Check Single Refractive Or Double Refractive
Colour Changes indicates you difference. All description written on the card.
Polaris Size : 25cm X 20cm
Sujani Jewellers – Kadawatha.
Card Payment Accept.
Islandwide Delivery Available
Hotline : 0764477773



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